During this time of virtual learning, we are ensuring essential art supplies and technology get directly into our students' hands, whatever it takes.

The very best way you can help us keep our students engaged is through a financial contribution to fund Art Supply Kits. Your $25 Art Supply Kit donation gives students all of the materials and tools they need to create, learn, and grow!

Media Arts, Filming and Animation Supplies and Equipment

30 iPad Pros
30 Apple Pencils
30 iPad Table Stands
30 SD Card Readers
Green Screen Suits (1 Small, 1 Medium, 1 Large)
1 DJI Mavic Pro Drones
10 DSLR Camera Cage Rigs
10 Smartphone Gimbals
30 Tripods
30 Document Camera Mirror Attachments
30 Light Reflectors
15 Apple Macbook Pro Laptops 13"
15 Laptop Cases
25 Canon T8i SLR Cameras
25 SLR Camera Cases
3 LCD Projectors
25 Wacom Drawing Tablets (5x8" or larger)
30 Computer Mice (Apple)
5 Professional Grade Tripods
VR Ready PC/Laptop
Various Canon DSLR Lenses
3 Stop Motion Animation Down Shooting Table Stations with Camera Mount
Apple iPad Pros + Digital Pencil Software
Dragon Frame Stop Motion Animation Software
Photo Booth Seamless Scrim
50 Yards of Primed Roll of Canvas (6-10 ft tall)
200 Spray Paint Assorted Colors
35 Respirators for Spray Painting
25-50 Packs Deco Paint Markers
25-50 Sharpie Marker Packs
50 4-Primary Color Packs Modeling Clay
Design/Typography Books
20 Packs of Acetate + Vellum Paper
Class Sets (30) of Acrylic Plastic
Class Sets (30) of Blank T-Shirts, Totes, Canvas Shoes, Hats for Printing
Class License of Procreate for the iPad Pros

Musical Instruments and Supplies

25 Midi digital music keyboards
25 Apple MacBook Pro Laptops 13"
25 Laptop cases
12 Sony Headsets
SoundTrap.com Subscription

Creativity Lab Supplies

Ultimaker 3 - 3D Printer
Ultimaker PLA Plastic, 2.85 mm - Various Colors
Laser Cutter - Epliog, Zing Series
Digital SLR Camera - EOS Rebel T5 EF-S 18-55mm IS II Lens Kit
1.5 - 3 Volt DC Motors
Gift Certificates to Home Depot
Elmer's Glue - Gallon Size
Batteries - Duracell, Various Sizes

General Tools and Equipment Needs for Our Campus:

Ingento Heavy Duty Paper Cutter (30" x 30")
Conrad Machine Co. Etching/Wood Block Press
Batteries – AA & AAA • Flash Lights for all studios
Handheld broom and dust pans for studios
Cocktail stand-up tables

For any questions, please contact Susan Truong at struong@inner-cityarts.org.

“We offer a home away from home where young artists support each other, encourage one another, and create – together.”

– Marissa Herrera, former Inner-City Arts Teaching Artist