National Geographics, jumbo safety pins, costume jewelry ... our students learn to see and create art out of almost anything.

Help us stretch our limited resources as far as possible with a contribution of supplies, material, equipment (and more) from our Wish List!

The following supplies will be used—joyfully and with great purpose—in our hands-on studio programs:

Visual Art Supplies

3D Printer with Support Material
Crayola Brand Classic Markers (washable)
Crayola Fabric Markers
Crayola Broad-Tip Classic Markers
Pads of Water Color Paper
Construction Paper
Tissue Paper in assorted colors
White or off-white paper in all weights and sizes
8-1/2" x 11" reams of paper (all colors)
Small notepads (for flipbooks)
Elmer's glue & Glue Sticks
New white t-shirts of all sizes
Pipe cleaners
12-14 gauge bailing wire
Prang Chalk Pastels
Oil Pastels
Compressed Charcoal (med-hard)
Art drawing horses and easels
3-ring binders (white or black 1-1/2", white 2-1/2")
Table Easels
#2 Pencils without erasers
Electric pencil sharpeners (industrial)
Gum erasers & Knead erasers
Water colors, Prang 8-color oval sets
Drawing boards (masonite 8" x 24" or larger)
2 or 3" binder clips
Children's smocks (solid colors, no logos)
Water buckets
Small and large sponges
Paint brushes
Gift cards to Dick Blick Art Store
Gift cards to Aardvark Clay
Stools - 14 to 18 inch in height
Pottery wheels - Brent or Laguna
Kilns - Electric or Gas
Plasti Bats 12 x 14
Nasco Pro-formance Brushes #10 and #12
Banding Wheels

Media Arts, Filming and Animation Supplies and Equipment

15 Apple Macbook Pro Laptops 13"
15 Laptop Cases
20 Packs - Canon Inkjet Printing Cartridges (click here)
20 Packs- Epson Inkjet Printing Cartridges (click here) 
25 Canon T6i SLR Cameras
25 SLR Camera Cases
25 Additional Batteries for Canon SLR T3i or T2i
25 SD Memory Cards (16-32 GB)
3 LCD Projectors
3 Portable Speakers
25 USB Flash Drives (16-32 GB)
3 External Hard Drives (1T)
25 Wacom Drawing Tablets (5x8" or larger)
10 Video Camera Shot Gun Mics
30 Computer Mice (Apple)
5 SLIK Professional Grade Tripods
3 Stop Motion Animation Down Shooting Table Stations with Camera Mount
2 Go Pro Cameras
Apple iPad Pros + Digital Pencil Software
Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription for 50+ laptops
Dragon Frame Stop Motion Animation Software
Ableton Music Production Software
Photo Booth Seamless Scrim
50 Yards of Primed Roll of Canvas (6-10 ft tall)
200 Spray Paint Assorted Colors (Montana or Ironlak Brand)
35 Respirators for Spray Painting
25-50 Packs Deco Paint Markers
25-50 Sharpie Marker Packs
50 4-Primary Color Packs Modeling Clay
1-1" Button NEIL Machine w/ Accessories (click here)
Assorted Colors Silk Screening Paint + Accessories
Design/Typography Books
Class Sets (30) Sheet Metal - Assorted Sizes
20 Packs of Acetate + Vellum Paper
Class Sets (30) of Acrylic Plastic
Class Sets (30) of Blank T-Shirts, Totes, Canvas Shoes, Hats for Printing
Blank DVDS (100 pack towers)

Musical Instruments and Supplies

25 Midi digital music keyboards
25 Apple MacBook Pro Laptops 13"
25 Laptop cases
12 Sony Headsets
Splitters and cables

Creativity Lab Supplies

Ultimaker 3 - 3D Printer
Ultimaker PLA Plastic, 2.85 mm - Various Colors
Laser Cutter - Epliog, Zing Series
Digital SLR Camera - EOS Rebel T5 EF-S 18-55mm IS II Lens Kit
1.5 - 3 Volt DC Motors
Gift Certificates to Home Depot
Macbook or Macbook Pro
Elmer's Glue - Gallon Size
LED Lights
Batteries - Duracell, Various Sizes

Drama, Dance and Language Arts Supplies

Rolling wardrobe racks for costume storage
Costumes of any kind for men, women and children
Costume jewelry and eyeglasses
Stage props
Lined writing composition books
3 x 5" index cards with no lines
Jumbo safety pins
Glue sticks
Scotch Tape
"Theatre Games for the Classroom," by Viloa Spolin
"Theatre Games" by Keith Johnstone
Children's plays collection book
Museum or photography magazines (i.e. National Geographic, Smithsonian)
Face paint
Blank CDs & DVDs
Blank Digital videotapes
Crash Mats for tumbling
Portable high-quality speakers for iPod/MP3
Books/DVDs about dance
Wide masking tape
Cardstock paper Posterboard paper
Materials for making costumes (foam, paint, glitter, etc.)
Post-it Chart Paper

General Tools and Equipment Needs for Our Campus:

Color Printer with Scanner for curriculum materials
Ingento Heavy Duty Paper Cutter (30" x 30")
Industrial paper shredders
Jet Heavy-Duty Floor Model Drill Press
Conrad Machine Co. Etching/Wood Block Press
12" Skill Radial Arm Saw
Ridgid Pro Grade 10'' table saw, #TS3650
Ridgid 10'' cmpnd miter saw #MS1065LZ
Cast Iron Single Stage Air Compressor
Motorola Walkie Talkies XTN Series
Batteries – AA & AAA • Flash Lights for all studios
Stereo boom box or stereos for studios
Handheld broom and dustpans for studios
Plastic storage bins in all sizes
Plastic containers w/ lids of all sizes for studios (Tupperware, Rubbermaid)
Outdoor twinkle lights
Cocktail stand-up tables


“We offer a home away from home where young artists support each other, encourage one another, and create – together.”

– Marissa Herrera, Inner-City Arts Teaching Artist