Middle School Summer Programming

The Artists in the Middle program provides fun and engaging workshops intended to expose rising 6th, 7th and 8th grade students to a variety of arts taught by our professional teaching artists during the summer.

Two three-week summer sessions are offered, providing young artists the opportunity to participate in four different art forms of their choosing.

Artists in the Middle students are encouraged to select from a variety of workshops in visual arts, dance, ceramics, music, animation, drama, media arts, filmmaking or creativity lab.

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Photos by: Sean Myers


Register for Summer Workshops!

Calling all 5th, 6th, and 7th graders: It's time to enroll for Summer Artists in the Middle Workshops!

Open Registration continues:
Monday and Wednesdays 10am-12pm
Tuesdays and Thursdays 2-4pm

Participate in FOUR different art forms from: Visual Arts, Filmmaking, Dance, Drama, Ceramics, Music or Creativity Lab!

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Upcoming Dates for Artists in the Middle

Monday, June 18  |  Artists in the Middle Session 1 Begins

Wednesday, July 4  |  No Workshops

Friday, July 6  |  Artists in the Middle Session 1 Ends

Monday, July 16  |  Artists in the Middle Session 2 Begins

Friday, August 3  |  Artists in the Middle Session 2 Ends

Workshops Offered

We will work in small groups to create 2-3 short video projects. You will work with a team to create, plan, and film projects every day. You will learn how to edit movies using iMovie. On our last day, you will receive a DVD with all your final projects. Come join us as we have a good time and learn about making movies!



You will focus on the five elements of art: line, shape, color, space and texture. From simple to complex two dimensional works, youth learn to use a variety of art materials and techniques and through the art making process, youth learn to observe, focus and develop their fine motor skills as they are empowered to take risks and make artistic choices.



Bring your drawings, puppets and designs to life through a variety of digital media including animation, design, motion graphics and photography. Explore how these traditional and new technology can make storytelling fun, interactive and unique to your creative self.



Design and create a series of personalized projects using wood, metal, wire and other various building materials. Learn how to come up with ideas, create real products and bring your original designs to life. Learn how to use hand and power tools. Walk away with a collection of unique projects.



In Ceramics, the focus is on creativity and self-expression with an introduction to the forming components of hand building and glazing. You will create original artwork using your imagination and apply the demonstrations only as tools for your vision. You will take home one-of- a-kind products that reflect your personal style and individuality.



You will work to create characters and make up crazy stories at a moment’s notice. You will play games, practice working in groups and use your creative imagination as you build skills to becoming an actor. Learn about the art of improvisation through theater games! You’ll have fun, play and laugh a lot!



You will explore various movement styles including contemporary, hip-hop, improvisation, partnering and jazz. Highly driven by music and the current dance scene in LA, the workshop will investigate how movement can express an idea. You will learn ensemble choreography and create a final project (dance piece, music video or student choreography). No prior dance experience required.



In Digital Music, we invite you to make your own BEATS! You will explore the timeless realm of musical expression– a link that ties the past, present, and future into the Now. You will learn a basic foundation in music theory including rhythm, melody, measures, time signature, major and minor key and more. You will take a leap from the traditional roots and ride the wave of the ever-changing landscape of technology and sound using Abelton software to create beats. With the evolution of music production, particularly though the lenses of Hip Hop & Electronic Music, the possibilities of creation through sound are now endless. No prior knowledge or training in music is required.

For more information about our art programs for middle school students, please contact:
(213) 627-9621 x 104

“Everybody I met at Inner-City Arts is a bowl of sunshine. I really did grow as a person in class, and I learned new skills that I can use in everyday life.”

– Inner-City Arts High School Student