Providing training in the arts for classroom teachers, school administrators, teaching artists and community partners.

Recognizing the urgent need for students to be engaged in their education and to find relevancy in their classroom experiences, the Inner-City Arts Professional Development Institute provides training for all educators.

A 5 day course designed for k-12 classroom teachers and teaching artists.

A Partnership with UCLA TEP

Teachers Institute

A two-year course study providing arts training for new teachers committed to working in high-poverty schools.

How to bridge arts instruction with other core content areas through social-emotional learning.

In The Professional Development Institute, educators and administrators, particularly those in high-poverty schools, learn how to build bridges between the arts and academic subjects. Program participants learn how to engage students in their own learning, enhancing each student's ability to achieve academic and personal success.


For those who want to develop their repertoire of activities and creative approaches in their work with students, teachers, colleagues or clients. Designed for classroom teachers, teaching artists, performers, artists, mental health professionals and community members.


Bookmaking, poetry, drawing, cartooning, animation, dance, storytelling, songwriting, watercolor, visual narratives ... and much more!



Explore engaging activities that integrate the A in STEAM!

Join with colleagues in developing strategies for classroom implementation during this two-session series for K-12 teachers, teaching artists, and other community members.

August 1 & August 2

Upcoming Dates for Professional Development

Creativity Practicum Summer 2019

  • July 10
  • July 11
  • July 12
  • July 15
  • July 16

STEAM Connections Summer 2019

  • August 1
  • August 2

For more information about the Inner-City Arts Professional Development Institute, including registration information and other opportunities, please contact the department by email:

Mike Halverson
Professional Development Manager
213.627.9621 x 113

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“I had let time restrictions and mandates close my thinking. I now feel much stronger about the need for the arts. I can see new connections between subjects. I’m getting more of a sense of hope.”

– Laura D., 2nd grade teacher, Professional Development participant