Friday, May 31, 8 p.m.
Saturday, June 1, 8 p.m.
The Rosenthal Theater, 720 Kohler Street, Los Angeles, CA
A theatrical performance blending video projection, music, song, movement, and dramatic storytelling to bring to life the powerful and inspiring true story of an extraordinary woman
Biddy Mason 2
Biddy Mason 5
Biddy Mason 3

BIDDY MASON dramatizes the journey of an African American woman and former slave for audiences experiencing a time when schools are rewriting history, erasing slavery from lesson plans. Biddy Mason's life unfolds from enslavement to entrepreneurship, inspiring audiences young and old. Her remarkable true story is unknown to many in Los Angeles, even those who have lived here all their lives. Her tale must be told, especially for our young people to feel empowered watching an extraordinary woman of color rise from hopelessness and poverty to become a leading citizen of Los Angeles and the founder of the First AME Church.

Check out a trailer for The Story of Biddy Mason below!

Inner-City Arts engages young people in the creative process in order to shape a society of creative, confident, and collaborative individuals. Founded in 1989, Inner-City Arts bring the benefits of a safe, creative environment to children in downtown neighborhoods. Believing the arts and creativity are transformational, Inner-City Arts envisions a society that honors the human capacity for creativity
and values its cultivation in the education of young people.

Theater provides a gateway to empathy as no other art form can do. It allows us to see ourselves and our community. Yet most public schools across Los Angeles have little to no funding for arts education, especially theater. Thousands of students graduate high school every year without any experience in the arts. At The Fountain, we believe it is vital that we make theater and arts education accessible to all of our youth. Fountain for Youth is our initiative to provide programming that services our community’s youth population in a multitude of ways.

The Autry Museum of the American West brings together the stories of all peoples of the American West, connecting the past with the present to inspire our shared future. The Autry presents a wide range of events and public programs including lectures, films, theatre performances, festivals and family activities. The Autry’s collection of more than 600,000 pieces of art and cultural objects includes one of the largest and most significant of Native American materials in the United States.

CounterBalance Theater is a movement-based theater company located on the campus of UC Irvine that constructs physical theater based on great literature. It celebrates the timelessness of the classics by re-telling stories viscerally for a contemporary audience.