Creativity in the Classroom is designed for teachers at all grade levels, those new to the arts as well as those with a range of experience in multiple art forms.

Workshops provide educators with immediately applicable exercises and strategies incorporating the visual, performing, and media arts into the classroom curriculum to increase student achievement. The Creativity in the Classroom Series is eligible for Los Angeles Unified School District salary point credit, or two extension units through Mount St. Mary's University.

Educators, administrators, and other partners who bring quality educational opportunities to students, particularly those in schools impacted by high levels of economic inequity, learn how to seamlessly integrate the arts and academic subjects and how to actively engage students in the learning process, increasing each student's ability to achieve academic and personal success.

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"The ideas and experiences in this class will transform my English class when I begin the new school year. It is clear to me that time spent on creative projects followed by reflection is time well spent because the arts help the students remember and express what they have learned. More importantly, the arts allow the students to express themselves, not simply as English students, but as complete persons."

– Tony D., High school English teacher