Inner-City Arts is proud to recognize this community of individual members who provide consistent support through recurring monthly gifts.

The names listed below are those of individuals who joined our member community as of September 14, 2018.

Sandra Berg
Riley Billingsley / It's Personal
Rachel Bloom
Samuel Bouffard
Elizabeth Boykewich
Phyllis Braxton
Elizabeth Burrill
Emily Bush
Arthur Carlson
Dolores Chavez
Aull Things Jewelry / Sarah K. Chenault
Isabel Cisneros
Cambria and Jack Cline
Elsbeth Collins
Amy Cuenco
Tina and Dave Dahl
Katrina Dela Cruz
Ellen DiResta
Mary Edgar
Huwayda Fakhry
Sydney Fong

Peter Gal
Joseph Gallimore
Daniel Goldstein
Greg Goodness
Kapil Gupta
Crystal Hale
Nina Hans
Rachel Kim
Stephen McLaughlin and Lilly Urban
Susan M. Michiels
Craig Morrison
Faith Halverson Olson
Mercedes Paulino
Veronica Pedroza
Julie Penman Livesey
Sheila Silber
Kaveh Soroush
DaVonte Suarez
Liz Tigelaar
Beth Tishler
Natascha Uhlmann

"Inner-City Arts is a place where students can safely explore their creativity – where the possibilities are limitless and children are inspired to dream big."

– Bob Bates, Co-Founder & Artistic Director